Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Quote Which Started It All...

This is the quote. The quote which started it all! The quote which made Sam Winchester give up his 'normal' life. This is the quote which Dean said which reunited the Winchester brothers. This is the quote which created the boys men who started, and stopped the apocalypse, the men who save the world day after day and ask for nothing in return; no thank you, no money, no fame. The men who are willing to die for the sake of this earth. The men who have lost so much for the good of everyone else. This quote... this quote is what built Sam into the man he is, the man who is willing to die to shut the gates of hell once and for all. The same quote made Dean the modest and loving hero he is today. This quote made all this happen, not because Dean forced Sam to join him, but because the power of love between a Family is greater than any feud or hatred.


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