Thursday, July 18, 2013

I met someone...

So get this, the other day I met someone...not a love interest, not someone I instantly hated but someone who is in my worldwide #SPNFamily! She is Dutch (Like me) but she lives in America. My parents and her parents are close so we invited them to a BBQ and at first we didn't really have anything to talk about but then my sister started asking me how many days till the Supernatural season 9 premiere and before I could answer, she did! I got so happy and we started talking about J2M and all the previous seasons and stuff. IT WAS AWESOME!

                                                             At first I was like
OMG I found my Family!

Then I was like...

Then people started staring so I was like...
Yeah what y'all looking at?

The we continued talking till she had to go.



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