Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Castiel Is My Spirit Animal...

Castiel is my Spirit Animal! I mean, he's so awkward and has no idea how to talk to people who are grieving a great loss (I have the same little problem). He knows how to comfort the people closest to him only because he knows them well (Hey me too). His ' "People skills" are "Rusty" ' (Mine too, I'm very awkward and always say the wrong thing). Castiel finds humans 'fascinating to watch' (I know it's creepy, but I find people incredibly fascinating to watch. Just to see how they react to things and stuff). He has his own s**t to do but tries always to help his friends (I do too; I like helping them even though they aren't always grateful :/ ). He doesn't understand porn (me too). It takes him a while to figure out if someone if flirting with him (I do too). And there is so much more that I do the same as Castiel it even scares me a bit xD.



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