Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Favorite Supernatural Gif's

These are some of my favorite Gif's from Supernatural (also the cast) that I've seen. (None by me)
This one first of all...because I DID NOT KNOW THAT! And it shows Cas' vast knowledge. Second of all, (to me) it shows that Cas always takes precautions O_o. 

I love these Gif because it reminds me of me. My "People skills" are "rusty" too. And I always need someone to be there with me when I meet new people or talk to people who are emotionally distressed just in case I say something that is not so good. 

Ok, I know this next one doesn't have anything to do with Supernatural but I #Die every time I see this Gif!

I like this Gif because...because it's Mark Pellegrino (Satan) being fabulous in a bubble bath xD! 

(This is a reaction of the Gif above)

Jensen And Jared walking without trousers...Nuff said.



Too Soon?

Just because Dean is like 'Why you so stupid'...

Because Dean's like "OHH SHIT"

Sexy Face...
Sexy Face...


Because she is beautiful...

I love this one because Jensen is like 'No he's mine' and Mark Sheppard is like 'Be jealous b!tch '

That's it...

(Sorry if they aren't your ships)

Sabriel (Sam/Gabriel) Lovechild (sorry not a gif)

Mucifer (Michael/Lucifer) Lovechild

(Have one on Destiel Dean/Castiel Lovechild but wouldn't download :(

Have a Nice Day!